Event Planning

Whether an intimate wine tasting to cultivate a small, targeted group of donors or clients or an over-the-top Gala with live performances, we have experience planning a broad range of events for both the corporate audience and non-profit fundraising.


Media Relations & Publicity / Public Relations

We will help you identify the story the media and the public want to hear, then create a concise pitch strategy and implement through targeted media releases and follow up. We will coordinate any and all interviews and assist with prepared statements. Have the media contacting you and you want to manage the message? We can help with that, too.


Strategic Planning

Have a big goal in mind – or several of them? Know that you need to get from Point A to Point B, but unsure how to do it? We can help. After years of tackling issues like poor perception in the community to significant vacancies (turns out the two often go hand-in-hand) Saoirse Consulting has worked on tough issues across the lines of for-profit and non-profit. We’ll work with you to devise a plan and help you identify the tools you need to get that plan in motion.


Organizational / Business Development

Organizations grow – at least most of the time. Sometimes at a rate that leaders are unable to keep up with. Other times, an organization goes stagnant and growth becomes elusive. In either of those cases Saoirse Consulting is willing to help your organization continue growing and develop to be the right size at the right time.


Board Development

It seems non-profits are always in need of good, hardworking volunteers that are willing to help them elevate their brand and organization to the next level. With contacts at a variety of large Twin Cities’ employers and strong recruitment skills, Saoirse can assist your organization identifying key positions that need to be filled on your Board and work to find great people to potentially fill those positions.


Media Buying

Media is constantly changing. Twenty years ago an ad in the Sunday Star Tribune was all you needed to drive traffic to your business or communicate your message. This is not the case anymore. In an age where messaging happens instantaneously, we can help you to create a strong media strategy by identifying appropriate outlets and assist in crafting the message. See more about this below.


Graphic Design / Creative Content

A lot of who sees your message depends upon what it looks like. Yes, in marketing – looks matter. So does content. We can help make your content look fabulous and deliver your message clearly and concisely. With more than 15 years of experience working hand-in-hand with graphic designers and the creative types, Saoirse speaks the lingo and understands the process.



Brand is more than just your logo – it is how and what you communicate. It is who and what your organization aligns with and where your organization has a presence. A great logo is just the start. We’ll help not only create that great logo, but help you to determine what you want it to say and who you want to say it to. And then, how to go about saying it to all the right people in all the right places.



Everything from straight forward annual reports to the most enticing and scintillating live auction descriptions your auctioneer has ever read . . . give us a keyboard, a pencil, or even a crayon and we can make it happen. Saoirse makes every effort to find your voice and write in your tone, effectively communicating your message according to your brand.


Development / Fundraising

Development can be all encompassing endeavor. Raising money is intimidating and time-consuming and can often take away from the real mission of the work your organization is doing. While it is critical – it does not have be crippling. Saoirse Consulting can help with every component of development; annual campaigns, capital campaigns, year-end requests, board challenges, matching grants, and Give-to-the-Max Day. If there is a way to raise money, we’ll find it.


Real Estate Consultation

A licensed real estate broker since 2014, and more than 12 years in the commercial real estate industry, Saoirse Consulting can assist your group with the acquisition or disposition of real estate and / or assist your professional organization find the right place to call home. Site location, assistance with showings and lease negotiations are areas of expertise within our firm.